Winter Session Program Registration Opens December 4th

Youth Aquatic Programs

The YMCA Learn to Swim program (Otter, Seal, Dolphin and Swimmer) introduces a series of easy to learn skills to the non-swimmer in a values-based environment. Successful completion indicates that the learner is capable of performing a variety of skills in shallow and deep water, including the fundamentals of the front crawl stroke. The purpose of this program is to help build values and orientate individuals age 6 and over to fundamental swim skills.

The YMCA Star Program introduces the swimmer to a wide variety of swimming and water activity skills in a value-based environment. The program consists of 6 levels:  Star 1 to 6. For the purpose of developing individuals, the YMCA Star Program improves swimming ability, furthers water sport and safety skills, and develops endurance and new strokes.

Swimming lessons are included with membership. *Must be a member to register.

Youth Swimming Lessons

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