Global Initiatives

Global Initiatives

The YMCA of Brandon is part of a global movement of YMCAs in more than 125 countries. Through our Global Initiatives we gain a global perspective within the world community. More importantly , we are given the opportunity to help create a world where all can experience social justice. The YMCA of Brandon is committed to: Peace, Youth Global Citizenship and International partnerships.

YMCA Peace Medals

Since the early 1990’s the YMCA of Brandon has been recognizing peacemakers who inspire and affect the lives of others through peaceful endeavors. This is related to the actions of YMCAs in 120 countries who have recognized YMCA Peace Day since 1981 and then expanded on the initiative in 1984 by dedicating a full week to exploring peace from a personal, community and international perspective. The YMCA of Brandon Peace Medals (awarded in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting) honour youth and adults who inspire and have an impact on others. YMCA of Brandon Peace Medals recognize efforts of individuals, groups and youth in the categories of Local, International and Humanitarian Peace Initiatives—and remind us we all play a part in building a more peaceful world. We all know someone whose actions and values contribute to peace locally or abroad—nominate someone for a YMCA Peace Medal.

Youth Global Citizenship

More than 2,000 children and youth were involved in YMCA of Brandon activities in the past year which empowered the young people to act as global citizens. Global education is particularly emphasized during:

  • YMCA Peace Week (November)
  • Day Camps (July/August)
  • Partnerships/Theme Days

International Partnerships

YMCAs build strong kids, strong families and strong communities not only in Brandon, but also in more than 120 countries around the world. Partnerships promote sharing of knowledge and resources with YMCAs in other parts of the globe and provide opportunity to support local community development work abroad. Through exchanges, staff and volunteers from both associations learn from each other’s strengths and benefit from exposure to new cultures/perspectives. Partnerships are:

  • Grassroots: Involving local YMCA staff, volunteers and program participants
  • Youth-focused: Building the leaders of today and tomorrow
  • Long-term: Relationships are built over many months and years
  • Multilateral: Both partners benefit and learn from each other. Exchange participants bring home knowledge to share and help YMCA grow.

Current YMCA of Brandon partnerships:

We have forged a partnership with YMCA Ukraine to promote mutual growth and learning. The YMCA of Ukraine offers camps, English classes and recreational programs for children and youth. Volunteer youth leaders also work toward promoting awareness and understanding on the issues of living a healthy lifestyle, HIV/AIDS and gender equality.