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Opportunities to Give

Thousands of people come to the Y every year to find a new interest, learn a new life-skill, make new friends, and improve their health in spirit mind and body. For them, the Y isn’t about bricks and mortar, though these are certainly important. They seek what the Y uniquely has to offer – a chance to grow and thrive in our community.

The YMCA is a charity that relies on fundraising to be able to support those less fortunate in our community. In order to ensure the YMCA will be able to continue to provide services to Brandon and Westman  in the future, and to ensure we can support our amazing staff through this critical time, we will be relying on community support.

The Y is a place where we all belong. Get involved by becoming a volunteer or help by making a donation.

There are many ways to give:

Cash Donation


Your will provides you with the opportunity to leave a lump sum or percentage of your estate to the YMCA of Brandon. Naming the YMCA of Brandon ensures the values and interests that are most dear to you continue to flourish after you are gone. A receipt will be issued to offset estate taxes and taxes arising from capital gains.

Gift of Property

A donation of property can create a gift of exceptional importance. The current value of the property will qualify as a donation for tax purposes. The proceeds from the sale of the property may be invested in an annuity that will provide you or your family with income for life. You can also donate property through your will.


An annuity is a unique way to contribute that allows you to receive income for the rest of your life. You may also be eligible for a sizeable tax credit. You may consider transferring stocks or bonds to be used for a designated purpose. You or a family member will still receive the annual interest as well as an immediate receipt based on the value of your gift.

Life Insurance

You can take out a life insurance policy with the YMCA of Brandon as the beneficiary. You pay a small annual premium, but your eventual gift is significant. Tax receipts are issued for all premiums paid. You can also donate an existing policy that is no longer needed and receive an immediate tax receipt for the current cash value of the policy.


Gifts-in-kind involve the donation of property, goods, or services instead of cash. The YMCA of Brandon issues tax receipts for the fair market value of most gifts of goods, but not for services.

Endowment Funds

An endowment fund is an irrevocable donation that provides income in perpetuity and can be restricted to fund a specific purpose. Endowment funds are a permanently restricted net asset, the principal of which is protected and the income from which may be reinvested or spent depending on the donor’s wishes.

Private Shares & Public Securities

Under current legislation, donations of private shares and publicly traded securities may be exempt from taxation if the shares are donated to a registered Canadian charity or, in the case of private shares, the proceeds arising from their disposition is donated to an arms length charity within 30 days.

For more information on opportunities to support the YMCA of Brandon, contact:
Lon Cullen, President & CEO
204-727-5456 ext 119